Hi! It's been a while since I started creating digital chaos. Let me try to put things together.... the ones I can remember and retrieve:

radostnemiesto.wz.cz - Created in 2005 by Babraque. Not supported by browsers since 2020 but there's a new shitty version at http://www.joyfulplace.babraque.eu. I'm trying to move some assets onto web3

http://changerooms.blogspot.com - the Anti-Consumerist's Fashion Blog about all the things we don't need.... Created in 2009 by Babraque - ahead of it's time, if you ask me

http://samizdrap.babraque.eu - formerly samizdrap.wz.cz - an archive of socialist jokes - limited functionality but the jokes are still there, just not linked. Contact meif you need them

http://www.thisbloodyplace.com - a new project created by a new alterego True

http://www.knedlikyleaks.cz - a blog from my academic era


http://ivetahajdakova.com - a web site for all the serious stuff - hence, there's nothing there and it's probably better to look at socials.

I'm @trueistrueistrue on IG